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What is Amateur Radio

About Amateur Radio

Amateur or ham radio is a form of two-way radio communication for recreation and community service. Amateur radio operators are commonly known as hams. “hams” in india must be licensed by the WPC, department of communication, government of india. Amateur radio operators can make contacts worldwide, and even with astronauts in space! Their extra effort is well- rewarded! It is an exciting way to discover new friends and disseminate knowledge.

History of Amateur Radio

The birth of amateur radio and radio in general was mostly associated with various amateur experimenters. There are many contenders to being the inventor of radio, that honor has been disputed between not only the original experimenters, heinrich rudolf hertz (1888),nikola tesla and guglielmo marconi, but also amos dolbear, reginald fessenden, james clerk maxwell, sir oliver lodge, mahlon loomis, nathan stubblefield and alexander popov. In the beginning of 1895, tesla was able to detect signals from the transmissions of his new york lab at west point (a distance of 50 miles). Marconi demonstrated the transmission and reception of morse code based radio signals over a distance of two or more kilometers (and up to six kilometers) on salisbury plain in england in 1896. Marconi, by 1899, sent wireless messages across the english channel , following marconi’s experiments (1900?1908) many people began experimenting with radio. Communications were made in morse code by use of spark gap transmitters.

These first operators were the pioneers of amateur radio in 1910, the amateur of australia formed the first radio society, now the wireless institute of australia. In 1912 after the rms titanic sank, the united states congress passed the radio act of 1912 which restricted private stations to wavelengths of 200 meters or shorter (1500 khz or higher) these “short wave” frequencies were genaraly considered useless at the time, and the number of radio hobbyists in the u.s. Is estimated to have dropped by as much as 88%.other countries followed suit and by 1913 the international convention for the safety of life at sea was convened and produced a treaty requiring shipboard radio stations to be manned 24 hours a day. The radio act of 1912 also marked the beginning of u.s. Federal licensing of amateur radio operators and stations. The origin of the term “ham”, as a synonym for an amateur radio operator, was a taunt by professional operators

How to become an Amateur Radio Operator

Any citizen of india who is above 12 years of age can become a ham by qualifying the amateur station operators’ certificate examination (asoc) and obtain a valid amateur wireless telegraph station license.

An amateur radio operator can do!

1. Talk to other hams using voice, morse code or computers.
2. Build radios, antennas and learn electronics.
3. Help in emergencies by providing communications.
4. Help others to become hams.
5. Participate in contests and field days events.
6. Participate in transmitter (fox) hunt games.
7. Transmit and receive pictures.
8. Experiment with satellite communications

An amateur radio operator can't do!

1. use it for transacting business.
2. Cause interference to other hams or radio services.
3. Use of indecent language or profanities.
4. Broadcast music.
5. Send messages to or on behalf of non hams.

The Benefits for Pursuing Amateur Radio Hobby

Will be introduced to the Scientific activity and will create an awareness on the importance of Information Technology and Communications in life.
Will possess a licence from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India and are encouraged Information Technology and Communication.
Can interact with other Students, Teachers, Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.. from all over the World.
Can take part or share information on the latest developments in various technologies.
Can win a lot of Awards and Certificates by participating in various events all over the world sitting in their own room.
Can discuss views and ideas freely and can educate self and others to improve knowledge on various Subjects.
Will inculcate the communication and leadership skills.

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