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Scouting and Amateur radio

Radio scouting covers amateur radio, electronics and computers. And with the scouting program covering tradition and technology, radio scouting is a perfect opportunity to incorporate these activities into any section meeting or activity or as part of a section’s award scheme plans.
The principle radio scouting events are the jamboree on the air (jota) and the jamboree on the internet (joti).

Wosm's voice on the air

The world scout bureau has fully prepared its amateur radio station HB9S for the jota weekend, 18 and 19 october. And for those that have an internet connection available at their jota station too, watch out for us:
If technology permits you will find our actual transmitting frequency here on the web.
If technology does not permit, you can still find out where we are by checking the dx cluster The amateur radio station of the world scout bureau will be on the air from geneva on all short-wave and vhf bands during the full jota weekend with the bureau’s call sign HB9S. In addition, hb9s uses the echolink network to connect to distant radio stations.
The station operates from the geneva scout centre ” les perouses” on the outskirts of geneva for the full jota weekend.
Qth locator: JN36AE.
Coordinates: 46�12′ 18″ 38 n, 6� 2′ 19″ 17 e.
The station will be run by an international team of scout radio operators as well as yves, hb9aof, station manager and richard, pa3bar, world jota organizer. With a bit of luck, you may be able to make a contact using your local repeater station and just a portable radio.
At hb9s, you can speak directly with the camp participants and the world scout bureau staff.
You may send requests for pre-arranged contacts (skeds) in advance to the station manager by email: jota@scout.org. Please note the propagation predictions when selecting sked times.
Making a contact with hb9s may sometimes take some patience. Usually many stations are calling at the same time. The operators will do their very best to make contact with scout stations worldwide and speak to scouts in as many languages as possible.
At hb9s, you can speak directly with the world scout bureau staff. The station is run by an international team of scout radio operators. This year’s team:

Guenter, DL9BCP
Paul, PA5UL
Frank, M0AEU
Yves, HB9AOF, station manager
Richard, PA3BAR, world jota organizer

The operators will be supported by a training group of swiss scout leaders and a rover scout group from annemasse, france.
HB9S will be particulary equipped this year for long-distance contacts on 40 m. Also we will be capable to make contacts in psk32, sstv and other digital modes.
On echolink you can connect hb9s directly on node number 140006. Alternatively, you can connect yourself to the geneva repeater HB9GE (439.425 mhz / ctcss 67 hz) with node number 193835 and call us on uhf. Please use this restrictively as it does occupy the uhf repeater of geneva city.

For all bands: hb9s will be at or close to the world scout frequencies.
Look forward to meet you on the air….!

Call signs of scout stations:

Each licensed amateur radio station has a registration number, a call sign. The first one or two letters are specific to a country. Here are a few call signs of well-known scout station that can often be contacted:

HB9S world scout bureau, geneva, switzerland
K2BSA boy scouts of america, national office, dallas, usa
Ja1yss boy scouts of japan, national office, tokyo, japan
Pa6jam scouting nederland, national station, leusden, netherlands
5Z4KSA boy scouts of kenya, paxtu station, nyeri, kenya
VK1BP scout association of australia, national station, canberra, australia
GB2GP scout association, gilwell park, london, united kingdom