Arduino Band  Decoder

Arduino Band decoder with relays for external device control Allows you to read the frequency or band data from your transceiver and switch output relay(s) by the defined rules.  This feature allows you to send frequency to other devices such as switching antennas, RX/TX filters, PA, transverses…etc.

This project based on the OK1HRA Arduino open source code, but heavily modified, assembled & tested by VU2WJ  to suite the customization needs at VU2OT. (Figure 1) The typical application of this customized Arduino Band Decoder given below (Figure 2). Front panel design&shack layout by VU3YLI.

The 24 x 24 x 8 cm size metal enclosure taken out from one of the oldest DDS VFO project by VU2WJ; however, we have selected this to accommodate the below mentioned stuffs with enough spacing for wiring. The front panel molded with a 3 mm black acrylic sheet by a local vendor. 

Parts List:

The project consist of modification of 400W Solid State Marine PA, FURUNO PA2500 for automatic LPF and its dual antenna output switching with the Arduino Band Decoder. The front panel of both Band Decoder and PA has been equipped with a 12 pole rotary switch for Automatic and Manual switching of Antennas & Amplifier LPF as required.

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