EVQ100 uses low cost MOSFET IRFP150N which gives enormous out put power in lower HF band like
160m,80m,and 40m. This version is meant for 40m because most of VU HAMs must have a QRP radio like
Bitx40,Ubitx,etc which perform well in 40m (most VU RAGCHEW is in 40m).So this lead me to make a simple
amplifier which doesn’t empty your pocket ,instead thiswill make your signal Big!!!.


  • Vcccan be 13.8V to 18V,a 20A SMPS will do the job.
  • Input power can be any thing between 5W to 12W at 50ohm(ideal for BITX).
  • ANT should be well matched to minimumSWR.
  • The output impedance of thisamplifier is50 Ohms.
  • EVQ100 possesa LPF for 40m.
  • PeakPower output is 90W (at 13.8V Vcc) to 130W (at 18V Vcc) after LPF.
  • VSWRis1:1.2 at peakpower (ANT Should be matched well).
  • Reverse polarity protection.
    Cooling fan.
  • Thickaluminiumheat sinkeliminate the heat generated in the MOSFET.
  • Easy to service if anything happens.
  • ” 40M ONLY!!!! “


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